Welcome! We’re guessing that you’re here because you want to take your nutritional supplementation to the next level. You’re probably at that point where you have realised that you need something a bit more tailored to your needs than an off-the-shelf multivitamin in order to support the way you feel and function.

It’ll take you less than 10 minutes to complete our confidential, online health & wellness questionnaire that has been devised by our nutrition and health science team. We’ll use your responses to cross-reference against our evidence-based scientific research database, which helps to determine the nutrients you may have a greater requirement for. The questionnaire takes into account several factors that can influence your nutrient needs, including dietary preferences, your stress profile, exercise type and frequency, sleep quality, key lifestyle factors, medication usage and your general health status. 

The outcome is a set of highly-informed, personalised supplement formulations with specific ingredients and calibrated dosages. These formulations will be used to produce your very own supply of Customised Supplements capsules and powder. We look forward to substantially contributing towards your health and wellness goals.

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Just before you start the questionnaire, we want to inform you briefly of how we go about developing your personalised supplement formulations.

The responses that you provide during the completion of the specialised health and wellness questionnaire will be analysed by our advanced nutritional analytics system against our evidence-based, scientific research databases.

The ingredients and dosages that we determine for your formulations will take into account many factors, including your dietary preferences, stress profile, exercise type and frequency, sleep quality, key lifestyle factors and your general health status. We hope that your personalised nutritional compounds from Customised Supplements will substantially contribute towards your health and wellness goals.