Not necessarily. Taking supplements is a personal choice.

Remember that supplements are exactly that. They should be viewed as being supplementary to a healthy baseline diet and lifestyle. If your diet, sleep, stress and exercise is in-check, you rarely get sick and generally feel great, then your nutrient status may very well be in a great place already.

CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS products are most useful for individuals looking for nutritional reassurance, those that want additional confidence that they’re covering their nutrient needs each day. Factors such as chronic stress, high-pressure jobs, frequent and/or intense exercise, a lack of sleep, certain medications, smoking, alcohol consumption and poor diets are all capable of depleting nutrients (or increasing your requirement of them), so supplementation makes sense for many.

Please see HOW WE DO IT

CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS uses a bespoke online questionnaire or consultation form as a proxy for an integrative nutrition consultation. From the data gathered about your goals, life situation, work, diet, exercise, sleep, stress, medications and general health status, personalised supplementation formulations – ingredients and dosages -will be recommended.

Please see BENEFITS

CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS may benefit you in various ways. We aim to contribute towards your goals and promote improvements in your overall health and wellness. Through supplementation and lifestyle changes, we believe that you are capable of elevating your vitality baseline and establishing a better ‘normal’ for you.

While one of the primary aims of our supplements is to give people a level of nutritional reassurance by replenishing key micronutrients and dietary compounds within their body, supplementation alone will not be able to compensate for poor eating, inadequate sleep, uncontrolled stress, lack of physical activity or conversely, excessive volume or intensity of exercise. It’s important we take an integrative approach to our health and wellness.

CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS provides products according to the whole-body concept of nutrition. We don’t diagnose or treat any health or medical conditions, our products are not therapeutic goods and in no way do we position them as being a treatment for any specific ailment or condition. CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS will never offer any medical advice nor present itself as a medical service provider or supplier of therapeutic or pharmaceutical goods

Like our supplements themselves, this answer is very specific to each individual and their needs. Based on the balance of research across all of the micronutrients, amino acids and dietary factors that we use within our formulations, we’d suggest gauging changes and improvements to your overall wellness, sense of vitality and daily productivity after a period of 30-90 days.

We recommend self-evaluating your overall wellness and vitality on a regular basis by logging into HEALTH TRACKER section of your account. You can enter ratings for Key Vitality Indicators such as energy, strength, mood, sleep quality, productivity and focus. Regularly recording changes over time will be beneficial in identifying trends and movements in your overall sense of wellness and vitality, which may inform whether any recalibration of your supplementation formulations is needed.

Remember, that as your circumstances change, you can always influence/change your formulations for future orders by updating your individual information and re-completing the QUESTIONNAIRE. This will help to keep your CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENT products relevant, up-to-date and fine-tuned for your needs. We recommend re-completing the questionnaire every 120 days to ensure you supplementation is relevant and appropriate.

We recommend self-evaluating your overall wellness and vitality on a regular basis by logging your scores into your HEALTH TRACKER in the areas of: energy, strength, mood, sleep quality, productivity and focus. That way, you may gauge to what extent you perceive your supplements to be making a positive impact.

CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS products are not pharmaceuticals nor therapeutic items and as such, are not designed to treat any health or medical conditions the way that prescription medications are. They are provided in accordance to the whole-body concept of nutrition, promoting wellness and improvements in your sense of vitality.


CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS products are developed and made specifically for each one of our customers based on their responses to our online, questionnaire-mediated nutritional assessment or consultation form. Our products are not generic, off-the-shelf retail items that contain ingredients not tailored towards the dynamics of an individual, rather, they are specific to the goals and needs of each customer.


CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS provides products according to the whole-body concept of nutrition and well-being. We will never diagnose or treat any health or medical conditions, nor market our personalised nutritional compounds as treatment in relation to any specific ailment or health condition. We support whole-body wellness through informed, tailored nutrient provision, without ever promoting our products as therapeutic interventions for any specific condition. CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS will never offer any medical advice nor present itself as a medical service provider or supplier of therapeutic or pharmaceutical goods.

Please see WHO WE ARE FOR.

With only 7% of Australians getting enough vegetables each day, along with most people living highly active and high-pressure lives, there is a case to be made that the majority of people should consider health supplements. CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS, specifically, are designed to meet the needs of progressive, wellness-orientated and high-achieving individuals. People that have specific goals and see health expenditure as an important investment in their longevity and enjoyment of life.

CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS offers products in capsule and powder forms. We do this to enhance the consumer experience. We want to minimise the number of capsules that we ask our customers to ingest each day and want to ensure that certain synergistic nutrients are always supplemented together.

This is nothing to be concerned about and can either be the result of certain nutrient compounds interacting, or a slight bit of moisture content entering the container (eg. when you open it to prepare a serving). Please mix the ingredients in your powdered supplements thoroughly by shaking the container (with lid tightly screwed on) before opening.

Always keep your CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS products in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and humidity.

All of our powdered supplements are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

For capsule supplements, our standard option is to use gelatin capsules, however you may request that we use vegetable capsules by selecting them in your cart before making payment. Vegetable capsules are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS will not place any active ingredients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids or dietary factors that you haven’t been advised of when presented with your specific formulation.

Your powders will contain only what is presented to you in your formulation and on the label. With capsules, we may need to use a very minor amount of plant fibre (similar to what the vegetarian capsule material is made of) to standardise the size and fill volume of each capsule.

All products from CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS are supplied in opaque, screw-top air-minimising containers to reduce the effects of light and oxygen. Please store them in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight and humidity.

This will vary with each person’s individual formulation. Depending on the ingredients and dosages in the formulation, we have found that CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS may be 12% – 20% cheaper than buying several different practitioner-only retail supplements that deliver similar nutrients and dosages. The average cost per day is similar to that of a takeaway coffee.

Remember: all CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS products are designed and produced at an individual level. We use premium forms of key nutrients, and each order is professionally prepared in world-class, state of the art compounding-only facilities with the highest level of quality control which is overseen by a Ph.D. level pharmacist. We’re not pumping out millions of capsules on automated production lines, therefore our costs are substantially higher than that of ordinary supplements. Our pricing will be above that of generic items commonly found at the supermarket or pharmacy because we’re driven by nutrient specificity and quality, not by making the cheapest supplements.


It depends on what is contained in your other supplements. We suggest that in order to reduce the risk of excessive supplemental dosages, individuals should cease taking other products concurrently that have some or all of the same nutrients contained within their personalised CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS product.

No problem. Don’t try to ‘catch-up’ or increase your dosages, simply resume your normal supplement-taking regime in accordance with the instructions given on the product label.

This is nothing to be alarmed by and is in response to the excretion of certain b-vitamins, most commonly, vitamin B2 (riboflavin). Some water-soluble nutrients, such as the b-vitamins, are continuously being turned over through metabolic processes eliminated through the urine. Micronutrient balance is achieved through the relationship between elimination and ingestion. Temporary bright-yellow urine may suggest a short-term excess of vitamin B2 however it doesn’t mean that your body did not make use of a proportion of the supplemental dose.

Some compounds may contain vitamin B3 (in the form, nicotinic acid) which has the potential to temporarily lead to a common symptom known as ‘niacin flush’. This usually occurs only in people who are sensitive to the ingredient, especially when taken on an empty stomach. It may present within 15-30 minutes after ingestion and may feel tingly– it will usually resolve by itself within 5-15 minutes.

We always recommend that CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS capsules are taken with, or shortly after, food. This assists with digestion and absorption of nutrients, and also reduces the risk of ‘niacin flushing’.

There always be a level of risk associated with the ingestion of any food or supplementary items, and we have taken key measures necessary to reduce these risks.

At CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS, our network of progressive health professionals in the areas of nutrition, dietetics, naturopathy, pharmaceutical chemistry and health science academia, apply a very considered approach to personalised nutritional supplementation. All micronutrients, dietary factors and amino acids that are used in the formulations that we recommend, are based upon contemporary scientific research and information obtained through avenues such as the National Center for Biotechnology Information – National Library of Medicine, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the Linus Pauling Institute Micronutrient Information Center and the University of Maryland. We also apply knowledge from local nutritional medicine practitioners, naturopaths and compound pharmacists.

Each and every nutrient that we use is provided at dosages that aim to benefit the individual while keeping health or safety risks at a minimum. Dosages are significantly below the toxicity levels found in published health data in each and every instance and where possible, the nutrients used in the production of our supplements are quality, pharmacopoeial-grade ingredients. All personalised supplements from CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS are carefully prepared in world-class, state of the art compounding-only facilities in conjunction with very tight quality control procedures with great attention to detail from our Ph.D. level pharmacist.

This is simply a choice that we have decided to make at this point of CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS’ life-stage as a business. Our research has been focused on adult populations aged 18 years and over, and consequently our formulations in terms of nutrients and dosages have been prepared with adults in mind.

We may look to relax this age condition in the future, however at this point in time, we are only formulating specialised supplements to meet the needs of adults aged 18+. We’d prefer that those aged under 18 meet all of their nutritional needs through whole foods.

This is a considered choice that we have decided to make on the basis that we are not experts in maternal care, nor nutritional optimisation during pregnancy. Our research has been focused on general adult populations aged 18 years and over, and consequently our formulations in terms of nutrients and dosages have been prepared with a general adult population in mind.

We acknowledge and respect the intricate nature of maternal care and believe that the best nutritional and lifestyle advice will come from medically-trained professionals, especially those who specialise in maternal care.

CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS pays very careful attention to the well-being and nutritional needs of all consumers, especially those who are suffering from significant health conditions. At this stage, we have decided not to develop products for those with liver or kidney conditions due to the ways in which the body metabolises and eliminates nutrients. We encourage people with hepatic or renal dysfunction to continue to work closely with their GP and other medically-trained professionals to promote their health and well-being.


We expect deliveries to take between 5-7 business days from time of payment for Australian orders, however, delivery times will vary based on your location and are subject to the performance of Australia Post and other delivery providers. For regional areas, please expect up to 10 days before contacting us. Please be sure to include your order number (found in your confirmation email) in the subject line of the CONTACT form when making contact.

For international customers, please visit https://auspost.com.au/parcels-mail/calculate-postage-delivery-times/#/ to get an estimate on delivery times.

There are three reasons.

1) Based on the balance of research across all the micronutrients, amino acids and dietary factors that we use within our formulations, it may take approximately 30-60 days for individuals to first notice any favourable changes.

2) Consistency in supplementation is key to unlocking their benefits, especially for those nutrients that can be stored within body tissue. We’d like you to have the time to establish a solid supplementation routine, giving yourself the best chance to experience an array of health and wellness promoting benefits.

3) Purchasing larger quantities of supplements delivers a better cost-per-serve than doing smaller quantities, due to efficiencies associating with the compounding set-up, capsules and powder preparations, labeling and postage. We want to maximise consumer value.

Simply log in to your ACCOUNT to re-order. Click ‘orders’ from the sidebar, view your most recent order and then click ‘order again’. If it’s been more than 120 days, we’ll suggest that you re-take the questionnaire to make sure that your formulation is up-to-date and relevant for your present-day needs.

If you have placed a manual order with us, simply email us to re-order.

CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS currently delivers products to consumers residing within Australia and New Zealand.

While we are able to send products to some other countries, we are unable to guarantee that your product will be delivered, due to factors such as country-specific customs, regulations and delivery providers.

Please note that CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS will not be responsible or liable for any rejected, retained or missing items that are sent to countries other than Australia or New Zealand, neither will we be liable for any additional fees, taxes, tariffs or charges imposed.


Please refer to our RETURNS POLICY.

Refunds or replacements will not be provided for a simple change of mind, if you found a similar product or products cheaper elsewhere, if you decided that you did not like the products or had no use for them, or where expectations of supplementation benefits are not realistic or in line with representations made on the CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS website.

If your CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS products do not meet the details or formulations advised at time of your transaction (if nutrients were missing, for example), or there is an issue with the condition of the product, then we will offer replacement or a full refund.