CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS provides individualised nutritional products on the basis of an online, questionnaire-mediated consultation, in accordance with the whole-body concept of nutrition. Our formulations are based on up-to-date scientific literature, as interpreted by our network of health professionals in the areas of nutrition, dietetics, naturopathy and pharmaceutical chemistry. Over time, at our discretion, we may make changes to the nutrients we use and the dosages we recommend. This may mean that a personalised nutritional compound may evolve between orders due to CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS revising existing algorithms based on new information. Our actions are in the interests of our customers and may include:

– Adding or replacing nutrients.
– Changing nutrient forms.
– Removing nutrients.
– Changing dosages.
– Modifying nutrient combinations
 (eg. what was once in a powder form may be supplied in a capsule form,and vice versa).

We commit to never diagnosing or treating any individual’s health or medical conditions. Further, the personalised nutritional compounds that we develop and supply to customers in no way relates to the treatment of any specific ailment or condition. We support whole-body wellness and do not promote our products as therapeutic interventions for any specific condition, rather that they contribute to general wellness, vitality and productivity. CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS will never offer any medical advice nor present itself as a medical-based entity.

For consumers that wish to incorporate their DNA data into the development of their supplements:

We will only use your DNA data for the purposes of making nutritional recommendations (a field known as ‘nutrigenetics’) based on a small number of very select genetic variations (single-nucleotide polymorphisms) where the scientific literature is abundant and robust. We can only work with specific DNA data from 23andMe at this stage (www.23andme.com) who we have no formal association with.

We are not a DNA company and therefore can not provide you with genetic data or reports. Rather, we interpret a very small proportion of what you have. We do this by having you complete a highly-specialised, integrative questionnaire that we will email you if you decide to purchase the comprehensive DNA-inclusive service as part of the development of your Customised Supplements products. It’s important that along with the particular DNA codes that we will request from you, we also get a broad picture of your overall health and wellness via the questionnaire, because knowledge of genetic variations alone, provides an incomplete picture. Think of your genetics as being suggestive of potential, however it is the way you live your life (diet, sleep, stress, rest, exercise and supplementation, etc.) that plays the crucial role in what genes are expressed and therefore how your body feels and functions.

We will never ask that you send your full genetic profile to us, as this is your highly sensitive information that we will not take into our possession. Any genetic data or reports that are sent to us will not be read and will be deleted immediately.