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Would you like to discuss incorporating your 23andMe genetic data in the creation of your specific supplement formulations? Or, perhaps you simply have an idea or some feedback that you’d like to share.

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DNA-inclusive supplementation services
We will only use your DNA data for the purposes of making nutritional recommendations (a field known as ‘nutrigenetics’) based on a small number of very select genetic variations (single-nucleotide polymorphisms) where the scientific literature is abundant and robust. We can only work with specific DNA data from 23andMe at this stage ( who we have no formal association with.
We are not a DNA company and therefore can not provide you with genetic data or reports. Rather, we interpret a very small proportion of what you have. We do this by having you complete a highly-specialised, integrative questionnaire that we will email you if you decide to purchase the comprehensive DNA-inclusive service as part of the development of your Customised Supplements products. It’s important that we get a broad picture of your overall health and wellness through the questionnaire, because knowledge of genetic variations alone, provides an incomplete picture. Think of your genetics as being suggestive of potential, however the way way live our lives (diet, sleep, stress, rest, exercise and supplementation, etc.) has a crucial role in what genes are expressed and therefore how your body feels and functions.
We will never ask that you send your full genetic profile to us, as this is your highly sensitive information that we will not take into our possession. Any genetic data or reports that are sent to us will not be read and will be deleted immediately.
Order queries
Please note that our standard time frame for delivery of customer orders is 5-7 business days from the time of payment. If your order has taken longer than this, please contact us and include your order number (found in your confirmation email) in the subject line of the contact form.