Select the option most appropriate and we’ll get started:

Option 1: Comprehensive Lifestyle Support

Choose this option if you are looking for nutritional reassurance and want to streamline your supplementation. We provide 8-week comprehensive supplementation that is tailored towards your individual diet & lifestyle factors.

What we do: Through our online health & wellness questionnaire, we’ll obtain information about the way you eat, sleep, exercise, manage stress and other biological factors to ascertain your nutrient requirements. These data are cross-referenced against our evidence-based scientific research database to highlight the nutrients you may be at risk of insufficiency based on dietary and lifestyle factors.

What you receive:

1 x interpretative report that will give context to your recommended supplementation.

1 x 8-week supply of comprehensive, personalised supplements (AM capsules & PM powder)

Option 1: Comprehensive Lifestyle Support
 Interpretative Report (instantaneous download) – FREE
 Supplements (8 weeks) – priced from $220 (excl. GST) + postage.

Option 2: Goal-Specific Supplements & Plan

Choose this option if you have a specific supplementation need that relates to cognitive performance, sleep quality or stress management. We provide 6-week targeted supplementation that is based on your specific goals.

What we do: We use an online consultation form to capture information about your goals, diet and lifestyle factors. This information is sent to our health scientists for interpretation, and subsequently, the development of your very own supplements. We use synergistic ingredients and dosages that have strong scientific foundations (including clinical trials) to help you realise your goals.

What you receive:

1 x integrative plan with your goal-specific formulation and lifestyle tips to help you achieve your goal.

1 x 6-week supply of our goal-specific, personalised supplements (capsules)

Option 2: Goal-Specific Supplements & Plan
 Integrative Plan & Formulation – FREE
 Supplements (6 weeks) – priced from $89 (excl. GST) + postage.