We believe that your nutritional supplements should be calibrated to your needs.


CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS is a personalised nutrition business, underpinned by a network of progressive health professionals in the areas of nutrition, dietetics, naturopathy, pharmaceutical chemistry and nutrition-orientated scientific research. We are united by our passion for the vital roles that nutrition plays in general health and wellness.

Our core team:

Adam Hamilton (Founder, head nutritionist and sports nutrition product advisor)

Dr. Michael Serafin (Head Pharmacist, Ph.D. in pharmaceutical chemistry with specialisation in individualised regenerative and biomedical medicine)

Rebecca Peck (registered naturopath, Masters candidate in women’s health and senior lecturer in health science)


We are on a quest to help improve the way that people feel and function. 

We aim to complement the wellness-promoting roles of healthy eating, exercise, adequate sleep and effective stress management, with highly-specialised nutritional supplementation.


We all know what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for the next. This is evident with our varying food choices, sleep patterns and exercise approaches – we tend to do what works for us. When it comes to supplements, though, many people feel a little confused and unsure about which ones to take, and why. Many mainstream, off-the-shelf supplements seem similar and our research has shown that consumers find it difficult to compare between products and decide upon which products are right for them. 
We think that it’s about time to remove the guesswork and empower people when it comes to nutritional supplementation. By providing scientifically-informed, individualised and premium quality supplementation that is made-to-order for each person, our goal is to reduce uncertainty and provide a greater level of reassurance.


You are not average. Why supplement like it?

We exist to meet the needs of high achievers who have active lifestyles that see nutrition and fitness as investments. These people push a serious pace, excelling in various areas of their life, whether it be their career, in sport, at the gym, in the home or elsewhere. They understand the benefits of nutritional supplementation, combined with a great baseline diet, sleep patterns, stress management, exercise and social relationships, in how they perform each day.


As a former sickly and overweight child, the transformational role of nutrition in how we look, feel and function became a real area of interest and passion for our founder, Adam, since about the age of 16. Using applied nutritional knowledge and an increasing love for fitness and physical activity, he was able to safely and sustainably lose over 20 kg within 18 months, also ridding himself of asthma, eczema, recurrent respiratory tract infections, chronic headaches and poor immune function.

Around 15 years later, working in high-pressure senior roles for global organisations, Adam witnessed the effects that chronic stress, insufficient sleep, a lack of exercise and poor dietary habits were having on the health, wellness and performance of his colleagues and superiors. They were often overweight, lethargic, suffered headaches and were susceptible to illness. It was hard for them to continuously perform at their best and while Adam knew that he couldn’t change their work situation and life circumstances, he could contribute to their wellbeing with nutritional advice and supplementation.

Adam subsequently spent three years becoming a qualified nutritionist and invested hundreds of hours into researching the biochemical roles of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, dietary factors and some herbal extracts, along with reviewing a multitude of scientific studies. He translated his knowledge into creating his own tailored supplements which were in accordance with his biological uniqueness and lifestyle nuances – how he slept, managed stress, ate, exercised, his health conditions and what medications he had taken. He had remarkable results over time, with notable increases in energy levels, better sleep quality, improved focus and attention, and fewer colds and sicknesses each year. He just felt like a better-functioning, more productive person, so decided to begin developing supplements for his friends, colleagues and clients. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

CUSTOMISED SUPPLEMENTS has been created today, so that Adam and his team can offer the same level of personalised nutrition to people like you, as he’d done for himself.